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The Uptake

February 27, 2011

As I was browsing for news articles on Google I came across a news site called The Uptake Will Journalism be done by you or to you.  Maybe I am late on finding this site, but it is a great site.  The site prides itself on being an alternative choice to mainstream media as stated in the about page.  It is a collection of news coverage with the use of video uploaded by common people.  For example, their is a 12 minute and 17 second video of 4th CD Congresswoman Betty McCollum visiting a Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota and speaking in their defense.

The site is based out of Minnesota therefor a lot of the main stories are related to the state of Minnesota.  For example, when clicking on the link to world news the main story reads Minnesotans Rally for Libyan Freedom.

The site offers a link for readers to upload their own videos and also the opportunity to suggest a story.

Personally, I think this is a great example of converged journalism.  Not only is it a great example in the way that converged journalism is technologically the modern day journalism, but the absence of mainstream media shapes the future of journalism in that it is not censored by money.


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