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My interest in multimedia journalism is not something I considered out of boredom.  It is something that I accepted as the face of a new age for journalism.  News is turning away from gray, ashy newspaper stained fingertips to the lesser work of holding down the scroll button on the computer screen.  The public wants everything more instant now, instant coffee, instant weight loss, instant messaging, etc.  It only makes sense to include news in the list.  Now instead of waiting for the morning paper or the six o’clock news the public can access news stories on the internet minutes after an even has occurred.  Not only can the public read the story, but they can also view pictures, video, and listen to sound clips and follow up with other links that relate to the topic.  So, my interests in multimedia journalism is not solely based on the interaction with the public it offers, but the reality that many news organizations are providing news online and are looking for a journalist who cannot only write, but film, take pictures, edit the images, produce interactive elements.  To not learn about converged journalism and to not learn multiple skills would definitely make my chances slim for getting hired by a news organization.  However, thus far I have no experience producing multimedia journalism and am excited to learn how through out this semester in my Converged Journalism course.


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